venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

My first FOSDEM

Dear all,
these few words to tell you that I'm gonna going to the next FOSDEM which will take place in Bruxelles the 31th of January and February the 1st.
I exactly don't know what to expect me from this experience but for the moment I only am sooooooooo happy and caaaaan't wait to discover all the last trends in Open Source projects and.. see again all my geoGeek friends :)
 I'm sure I'll bring back home some good idea.. these "places" are usually so inspiring for me!

See you soon (there)

martedì 31 maggio 2011

Van Der Waerden test

The attached file is a first implementation of a python function which executes the Van der Waerden test and takes in input a text file with "group_number \tab value" in each row[0], and gives in output the chisquare and probability values assuming alpha=0.05 (for probability calculation)[1]. Some Scipy.stats functions are recalled.

download the code here:

[0]: example input

[1]: example launching command and output (chi value, probability)